Weber, Lowy & Gestetner

Beri Weber soared into the spotlight a mere three years ago, Beri Weber was no newcomer to the music scene.  Hailing from a musically inclined family, Beri’s earliest forays into the recording industry occurred when he was just nine years old.  At that early age, his professionalism was already apparent when he was honored to sing at family and local community affairs.  His talent did not go unnoticed as he soon found himself recording with musical giants such as MBD, Moshe Goldman, and Mendy Werdyger among others.  He was also the lead vocalist on one of the legendary Kinder Classics and JEP albums.
Beri is a world renowned wedding singer and performer and is currently putting the finishing touches on his third album called “Thank You Hashem”, produced once more by Naftuli M. Schnitzler, which will feature many of Beri’s own compositions as well as some by his friend Lipa Schmeltzer, and others in the music field.  It is expected to top the success of his first album with songs that will be sure to thrill his fans and bring on many moreā€¦


Yumi Lowy started out singing as a little kid. He was featured as a child soloist on many albums like MBD "Once Upon a Nigun", Yonoson Schwartz "A Gita Voch Yidden" and more. As an adult he started out as a Choir member on the Famous group The Shira Choir. About 6 years ago he began his career as a wedding singer and quickly started making waves with his sweet yet powerful voice. About a year ago he released his Debut Album called AHAVAS HASHEM which features 10 beautiful songs from the biggest Jewish composers such as Yossi Green, Pinky Weber, Eli Laufer, Benny Hershkowitz, Motti Ilowitz and Moshe Wertzberger. Since the release of his album he has been featured on concerts such as Miami Boys Choir and the Chazak concert in upstate NY. He's also been traveling around the globe for gigs and brought simcha and joy to many many people. 


Shragee Gestetner